Jubilee Orpington

The Jubilee Orpington is an up and coming variety of a very popular breed. The Orpington breed originated in Orpington, England in 1886. According to the Orpington Club of America, the Orpington breed began to gain popularity in the US only 20 years ago. Many traditional American breeds were skeptical of the birds non-yellow skin and leg colored.  Orpington's are one of the most common breeds in England, but still relatively rare in the US. Orpington's are typically very large birds with roosters growing close to 9 lbs and hens around 7. Being so big, the birds rarely fly and are also very cold hardy. This makes them a very attractive backyard chicken.

Jubilee Orpingtons were bred to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria's reign. Supposedly the Queen was given a flock of these special birds which were preserved by palace officials. Greenfire farms was the first to import these birds to America. Given the popularity of Orpingtons, the new Jubilees are sure to be a sought after breed.